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Inland Container Haulage Services

With Inland Container Haulage Services, you can get your freight to its destination in the quickest way possible. Our express freight services guarantee fast and reliable transport of items across the country. We provide an efficient, safe and affordable service, with unbeatable delivery speeds.

Empty Container Handling Services

Empty Container Handling Services are essential for businesses looking to decrease their costs and increase efficiency. This service helps you reduce the number of empty containers in your yard, optimize transport routes, and save on labor costs.

Reefer Storage & Handling

We are available around-the-clock to assist with any of your PTIs (Pre-trip inspections) and reefer plugging needs.We work to meet the needs of your business, offering optimal storage solutions and unparalleled.

Freight Forwarding

Navigating the complexities of international shipping can be overwhelming and time-consuming for businesses. With the risk of loss, damage, delays, and high costs involved, the task of transporting goods overseas can seem daunting. We help you transport your goods abroad with confidence. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process and make sure your products are delivered quickly and securely

reefer railage & handling solution

From Mombasa Port, we can load the empties ex-hook and deliver them immediately to ICD Nairobi. Thereafter, these will be sent to our facility next door for Cleaning, repairs, and other required care. Following that, your shippers can bring the boxes here to be filled, or we can provide last-mile logistics using our own fleet.

road transport

Our trucking services are designed to be flexible to meet your transportation needs. We provide a full range of transportation equipment and expertise to help you manage all your needs. We operate throughout Eastern Africa. Our unique combination of single and team drivers, domiciled at our strategic locations nationwide, assures our clients quick response and flexibility regardless of load or frequency.

customs consulancy

We help companies understand the customs clearance processes, provide advice on compliance with customs regulations, and assist with the filing of customs documents. Our goal is to help businesses reduce costs by finding ways to optimize customs procedures.

customs clearance

Customs Clearance is a mandatory procedure that must be completed before certain goods can be imported or exported from a country. We handle filing of paperwork and payment of taxes and duties to the customs authorities, to comply with regulations and avoid delays, fines, or confiscation of goods.